Bundaberg Grower Saves THOUSANDS

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We are now a supplier for Produce Cartons, supplying both 5kg and 10kg produce cartons in generic and custom prints!

Our Commitment to the community of Bundaberg is about keeping local business local and the agricultural industry has been in our sights for a some time now, We are excited to announce the demand for our Produce Cartons has been overwhelming to say the least.

By taking our time and listening to local growers we have not only improved the quality of their existing cartons but have saved growers thousands of dollars per year, with no upfront charges.

What this means for YOU; by increasing the quality of the current carton we have helped maximise logistical options and reduce the over all cost of the current carton, some growers have saved in excess of 10% just on their consumable product this does not include the logistical savings, in other words adding profit to the bottom line of
local business which in turn is spent in our Bundaberg community boosting our local economy.

Our "Call a Spade a Spade" approach has made the transition for these growers a breeze, with no hidden costs or fee’s we are creating a new path for the industry.

By choosing to use Spade Solutions as their major supplier local growers are also showing a dedication to our Bundaberg community as we are locally owned.

We look forward to the future and very excited to work with one of our major industries and innovate in ways we can all boost our local economy, can't wait to share with you whats next.

Call a Spade a Spade

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