Spade Solutions is proud to be introducing RecycleMe™ to our core range

Genuinely recyclable takeaway cups for your café!

What is RecycleMe™?

RecycleMe™ is a takeaway cup with a next-generation lining and a specially designed collection network, guaranteeing that every cup collected will be diverted from landfill and recycled into paper products.

The RecycleMe™ difference

Did you know that less than 1% of cups with compostable plant lining make it to commercial composting? With RecycleMe™, your cups are guaranteed to be recycled when collected through the dedicated recycling system.

The RecycleMe™ collection system The RecycleMe™ collection system

Cups & collection, how will this work in your café?

  • The RecycleMe™ System with Spade Solutions is EASY.
  • We organise a collection station tailored to suit your café alongside a back of house 120L bin.
  • These unique Collection Stations are offered as part of the RecycleMe™ program. They are specially designed for separation of excess liquid, the lids and the cups.
  • Spade Solutions will help you while you roll out the RecycleMe™ program with educational and marketing materials.
  • When your collection station is full simply put the cups in the 120L BOH (back of house bin) When your BOH bin is full, contact Spade Solutions and we will organise it to be emptied for FREE.
  • We will also provide an ongoing statement to your business, demonstrating the number of cups saved and environmental benefits from recycling.
Photo of RecycleMe™ Front of House and Back of House collection stations

Overall, this is a great opportunity for you to make an impact, by creating awareness on the issues with traditional cups and offering your customers a recyclable cup for takeaway drinks. This will essentially encourage customers to return to your café, supporting you to support the environment!

An easy, cost effective and environmentally-friendly system

This system is so easy with no rentals no upfront costs nothing simply purchase your RecycleMe™ cups from our store and we take care of the rest.

Spade Solutions is proud to be introducing RecycleMe™ to our core range Spade Solutions is proud to be introducing RecycleMe™ to our core range

Get your Queensland café involved and be a part of our solution.